“Sitting up in the dark, he took a deep breath and scented a familiar, beguiling trace in the air…”

Deep Green Leaves, Alex Clark

Houses Borders Ghosts

James Benmore

James Benmore
James Benmore

James Benmore was born in Kent and currently lives in South-East London. He studied literature at the Open University and has since completed an Mst in Creative Writing from Oxford University.

His first novel, Dodger, follows the story of Jack Dawkins, better known as the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist. It was awarded the AM Heath prize for fiction in 2010 (for best work of fiction by a graduating student of Kellogg College, Oxford), and was published by Heron in 2013. (For more about Dodger, see 'On our Blog', below.) He has since published two further novels following the Artful Dodger's adventures: Dodger of the Dials and Dodger of the Revolution.

He is represented by Jon Elek at AP Watt.

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