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“I could open the case, have a peek, and sneak out again. Just a peek. No one would know…”

Uncle Dougie's Suitcase, Alastair Chisholm

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Somewhere This Way

Lahra Crowe

Lahra Crowe
Lahra Crowe

Lahra Crowe studied literature at the University of Glasgow and later went on to complete a PGDE in English at The University of Edinburgh. Having lived in Scotland all of her life, she and her husband decided to embark on new adventures in 2016, moving first to Chicago, then later to Switzerland, where they currently reside. Lahra loves art, politics, and literature and has often thought about writing creatively in her spare time, however it has only been recently that she has started to experiment. Winning The Fiction Desk’s Newcomer Prize has definitely encouraged her to continue.

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