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And Nothing Remains

Faber’s new website, Robin Cook’s latest thrilller promoted with controversial “webisodes”, and more…

Faber launches new website.

Faber logoUK publisher Faber & Faber have launched a new website at It’s still a work-in-progress—so expect “coming soon” to appear on several pages, but it’s a timely update to the old site. You can also find information on there about their new print on demand imprint, Faber Finds.

* * *

Robin Cook webisodes upset Indian groups

TV series have been using webisodes—short, 2-5 minute mini-episodes available freely online—for a while now. They feature minor characters (and therefore cheaper actors) and they’re usually used to increase hype about an upcoming series or film, or to maintain viewer interest between seasons. It’s interesting then to see that Robin Cook’s upcoming thriller Foreign Body is using a series of fifty webisodes to build up to its August publication. Apparently the series has caused some upset at a South Asian women’s rights group. The webisodes are on a special website here, but while it’s a great idea, the implementation is a little off: The website seems more about promoting the new Honda Accord than about the book or series (don’t sell adverts on an advert—it’s tacky); none of the videos actually seemed to play for me, leaving me only the Honda ads to look at; and the accompanying forums contain nothing but spam for free ringtones and credit reports.

* * *

Around the Web…

Alex Milway posts on The Bookseller about the importance of blogs for authors, and Blasted Members drools over early colour photography.

Finally, whenever I’ve visited The Bookseller’s website lately, I trigger a lengthy video advert in which Michael Palin pops up and starts telling me about his new book and TV series. It was interesting the first time, but it starts up again every time I visit the site, and I’m beginning to feel as though I’m being stalked by the serial traveller and ex-Python.

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