“These regular anthologies ... are becoming essential volumes for fans of short fiction.”

— Scott Pack

New Ghost Stories IV
Kate van der Borgh

We are delighted to hear that Kate van der Borgh has found a publisher for her debut novel, And He Shall Appear.

Kate’s stories have appeared in two Fiction Desk anthologies to date: Home, Time was featured in Houses Borders Ghosts, and The History Lesson was in Separations.

And He Shall Appear is described in the Bookseller announcement as “a dark academia thriller about a young Cambridge undergraduate in the 2000s who finds himself in thrall to his notoriously wild classmate Bryn Cavendish. Bryn, a budding occultist and host of debauched campus parties, commands a group of loyal fans and followers; those who cross Bryn end up outcast, haunting the peripheries of the college like spectres. When Bryn’s magic tricks start going further than they have before, those around him begin to wonder: is there a darker side to Bryn than any of them imagined? ”

Kate’s agent Rosie Pierce at Curtis Brown placed the novel with Fourth Estate in the UK & Commonwealth; US and German editions are also coming, with no doubt more on the way.

Fans of Kate’s short fiction should certainly look out for And He Shall Appear, which is due for publication in autumn 2024.