“These regular anthologies ... are becoming essential volumes for fans of short fiction.”

— Scott Pack

New Ghost Stories IV

Until now, I’ve been running The Fiction Desk anthology series as a kind of experiment, to see what’s possible with short story publishing, where the challenges are, and whether a quality anthology series might be viable. Over the last year or so The Fiction Desk has published three anthologies, all of which have been well received by readers. So far, so good. But is it enough?

I’m now reaching the point where I need to plan the future of The Fiction Desk. There will certainly be more anthologies, but I think we can do better. I’d like to get us to the point where we can really put out a book every three months (rather than waiting five or six months between volumes, as we do now). I’d like to discover more new authors, and I’d like to help them to reach more readers.

In order to reach that next stage, we’ll need more subscribers.

Subscribers aren’t just anonymous punters; they’re very much part of the team. Just as the writers put in their time and talent, and take out (a little) money and exposure, so the subscribers put in their money and attention, and take out some rewarding, quality reading. (My job is to work between the two, trying to maximise the benefits to both parties.)

To give us this chance to grow, I’m launching an appeal to find one hundred new subscribers over this summer. That will effectively double our subscriber base, and give me the resources to start building The Fiction Desk into something bigger and better.

This isn’t an either/or situation: the lights won’t go out if we don’t reach our target. But the closer we get to it, the more we can achieve.

If this is something you’d like to be a part of, please head over to our subscription page. You can start your subscription from the next volume, due later this summer, or start it from an earlier volume and get caught up.

Be one of our one hundred new subscribers this summer, and help us promote inspiring, entertaining, excellent short stories.

3 Comments on “The Fiction Desk 100”

  1. Frank Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Impressed with the anthologies so far, I’ve shared your goal with my readers: http://casualdebris.blogspot.ca/2012/06/aside-fiction-desk-100.html.

  2. Rob Says:

    That’s fantastic. Thanks, Frank!

  3. Wendy Edmond Says:

    I’ve very much enjoyed the Maginot Line, the first of your anthologies in my recent subscription, and passed on the info to the other members of the writing group I belong to, Vaughan Writers, in Leicester. Looking forward to the next!

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