“This was the beginning of the fairy tale, he thought…”

Assassination Scene, Jason Atkinson

New Ghost Stories IV

The votes are all in, and it’s time to announce the winner of The Fiction Desk Writer’s Award for our latest anthology, The Maginot Line. The winner is…

Matt Plass, for the title story!

Matt Plass

The Writer’s Award is one of my favourite things about The Fiction Desk. It’s voted entirely by the authors who contribute to each volume — even I don’t get a vote — so it really reflects the views of the author’s peers. There’s also a cash prize of £100, which doesn’t hurt.

So congratulations to Matt, who joins previous winners Ben Lyle and James Benmore in our award hall of fame. And those of you who enjoyed his story ‘The Maginot Line’ will be pleased to know that we’ll be featuring a new story from Matt in the next anthology.

Those of you who haven’t yet read The Maginot Line should now run to their nearest stockist, or buy it directly from us.

Or you could subscribe, of course, and help us to keep discovering and publishing excellent new stories like Matt’s.

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