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— Scott Pack

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Somewhere This Way

Here’s another interesting publishing project that I’ve come across recently.

Broadsheet Stories print a monthly broadsheet—a single short story on one side of A3 paper—and distribute them to a selection of cafes and bookshops, mostly in south-west England, where customers are free to read them on the spot or take them home. (The photo above was taken in the Martello Bookshop in Rye.) Each venue begins with the first story and moves on one month at a time, meaning that there will be a different story available to read depending on where you are.

The stories are all necessarily short, coming in at just under 2000 words. Since starting in 2009, they’ve printed stories from a wide range of authors, including our own Matthew Licht.

Most of the stories can also be downloaded from the Broadsheet Stories website, but I think that takes away the fun of it: if you’re in the right part of the country, drop by one of the venues (listed here) and see which story they’ve got available this month.

2 Comments on “Broadsheet Stories”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I tried clicking on “Broadsheet Stories website” for info on whether or not the stories could be downloaded in the U.S. – but, was rejected, even after signing in.

  2. Rob Says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Unfortunately, it looks like the Broadsheet Stories project has finished now. Hopefully they’ll be able to have something new spring out of the ashes, but there’s no news at the moment.

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