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New Ghost Stories II.
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About The Fiction Desk

The Fiction Desk publishes an anthology series dedicated to new short fiction, with volumes published in January, May, and September.

Individual books are available for £9.99, either from this site or from your local bookshop. You can also take out an annual subscription.

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We began life in 2007 as a short-lived book blog called The Serial Comma, which was relaunched in 2008 as The Fiction Desk, combining editing services with coverage of new books. In 2010, The Fiction Desk stopped offering editing services in order to concentrate on publishing. The blog continues to offer coverage of news and new titles from across the book trade, as well as projects from The Fiction Desk.

The Fiction Desk Ltd is a company registered in the UK. For contact details, please visit our contact page and scroll down.

Information for the book trade

Fiction Desk titles are distributed in the UK by Central Books. For updates on our upcoming titles, please get in touch: contact details.